Under The Table Jobs – The Best One

Hello! I just want to tell you that I finally came down to choosing from all under the table jobs I looked into. I looked for more information on various forms of employment/opportunities and with some research behind my decision, I choose Google Sniper.

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Yes I bought this product. It’s actually an educational system that shows you how to make money online. Don’t forget, if you haven’t read my previous articles, I invite you to do so because I have set some criteria in choosing the right opportunity. One of the criteria was choosing an opportunity that allows you to work at home.

Is Google Sniper The Best Out Of All the Under The Table Jobs?

Under The Table Jobs 7Before choosing Google Sniper, I made sure that it wasn’t a scam and that it wasn’t an MLM (Multilevel Marketing) program. This is something that you will have to put in the time, to get results. So YES! You will have to work! You will not get anything from this is you don’t do the work.

But if you do put in some work, you will definitely reap the benefits of your labor. You can make money and it can be very lucrative if you don’t give up and treat this as an actual business.

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So why am I choosing this opportunity as the best under the table jobs. I’m choosing this because:

  • It doesn’t require much skill to start building the mini sites
  • The more I work the more I make
  • You start creating residual income
  • I saw that once you create between 150 to 190 sites you can realistically make $10,000 a month

Now, I can’t think of any job that allows you to be in charge of your pay. Even in my business, which is an internet cafe, I have hit a plateau in the revenue that it is bringing in.

Under The Table Jobs – Choose to be an Employee or an Entrepreneur

I know that some of you may think that being an owner of a business isn’t for you. And I have to agree with the people that say this. You are better off in working a job where you can expect to get a paycheck every two weeks or so. There is nothing wrong with that, it is an honorable thing.

Under The Table Jobs 8But for those that like to reap the many benefits of owning your own business I invite you to try this opportunity. The start up cost is low, all you need is a computer with internet access and you can work with the extra time you have in your day to make progress in this type of business.

My goal is make a realistic $50 a day. If I hit this benchmark, that will be $1,500 every 30 days. I don’t know any job that will give me that kind of raise in a period of 6 months starting out.

Click here to see the Google Sniper Opportunity

Anyway, I will stay in touch with my progress. I feel I am ready to take this on and I really am going to give this a shot. I’m excited about my decision in choosing the best of the best under the table jobs.

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Paid Under The Table Jobs – The Criteria In Choosing The Best

Under The Table Jobs 5In my last post I had mentioned that I think I found one of the best under the table jobs. At this moment I don’t want to disclose anything about this opportunity until I have made some money. There is no point in disclosing what it is if I haven’t made any money from it. I certainly don’t want to waste your time.

Rest assured that you will know my results as soon as some time passes. I’m giving this a week to make me some money. So if in a week I don’t make any money then there is no way that I’m going to recommend this to you. Continue reading

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Jobs That Pay Under The Table

Under The Table Jobs 3Like I said before, I have been looking for jobs that pay under the table for quite some time. In the range of about two to three years, I noticed something very interesting. I have seen many people looking for work, some who already have jobs and others who don’t have any kind of income coming in.

Now where I live, you see many people living here illegally. Many of these people don’t seem to be struggling for money. In fact, many of them have good paying local jobs. Now my observation is, if these people can find under the table jobs; what you would consider to be good jobs, why is it hard for some of us to find another source of income? Continue reading

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My Quest To Find Under The Table Jobs

So I am on a quest to find under the table jobs that are legit. I am not unemployed. In fact I have a small business that is growing. But I’m not happy with where I am when in comes to the amount of money I am bringing in.

My Search for Under the Table Jobs

Under the Table Jobs 1Because I am unhappy with the amount of money that I’m bringing in, I have started the search for finding ways to make more money. I’m not going to lie to you, I have already started looking for good jobs, home jobs, summer jobs, local jobs; all types of jobs that are hiring, way before I started this site. It wasn’t till recently that I decided to make this website.

I wasn’t (and still am not) satisfied with the information I found online. I know that I have to look deeper to find something good that is under the table. Most websites just give you job titles with no information on how to go about starting that job. I also noticed that the job titles they put sound more like businesses that require a store front. Continue reading

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